7 Days to Christmas, 7 Things to Do in Austin

A holiday post in March? No, I haven’t done insane. I’m updating this site after three months of inactivity with all my writing stuff. This article picked an event a week up until Christmas Day. ‘Twas a fun one to put together! Click the pic below to give it a read.


CAPYAC Sets Austin Dance Floors Ablaze With Funky, Euro-disco Sound

More fun than a sock full of silly monkeys, CAPYAC stole my heart two years ago with their brand of Daft Punk inspired Euro-disco/funk. Click below for a taste of my latest obsession.


Drink Hyperlocal at City’s First Urban Distillery, Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Whiskey making in Austin proper? Balderdash you say? Well, take that oldie time saying and toss it out the window. Still Austin Whiskey Co is crafting legit moonshine style whiskey right here in the 512. Yum!


Risks Reward Austin Beer Lovers at Hi Sign Brewing

As everyone knows, I loves me some beer and Hi Sign Brewing more than delivers. Refreshing takes on classic styles in a fun, laid back environment makes for high spirited tastiness.



Who Wins the ACL Music Fest 2017 Superlative Awards?

Remember the yearbook awards of high school? Best Dressed, Most Popular, cliches like that? I took the concept and applied it ACL Fest 2017 Fest with, hopefully, more original results. Click the pic to give it a whirl!


ACL Music Fest 2017 in Photos: Weekend One

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? If that’s the case, than this article is worth about 25,000! Amazing photos (most of them not mine) of the weekend’s festivities await!


Ultimate Guide to Local Artists at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2017

If I had an actual “beat” at the Austinot, it would be music. For the second year in a row, I pulled together a comprehensive guide of every local band playing Austin City Limits 2017. Complete with a Spotify playlist and videos, this guide is a fine way to discover a new favorite band. Click the pic below to give a read!