Beer Lovers Seek Mort Subite for Sip of Belgium in Downtown Austin

I have respect for beer, and if you’re a pal of mine, I’m sure you do to. Check out my latest story for the The Austinot, a thirst-causing tale of a brand new Belgian beer bar. Enjoy!


Your Pocketbook and Waistline Will Thanks You For This Holiday Recovery Plan

The holidays ave been absolutely brutal on my billfold and waistline. Here’s a systematic way of recharging your body and returning to post-holiday normalcy. Click the pic below to give it a read!


7 Austin Desserts to Try Before Your New Year’s Resolution Kicks In

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5 Ways to Winterize Your Austin Holiday Season

The Austin holiday season often doesn’t feel like the holidays. It’s tough to get into the spirit of the season with you’re wearing shorts and sandals. But there’s a cure! Here’s 5 Ways to Winterize Your Austin Holiday Season!


St Elmo Brewing Co: Newest Beer Lover’s Hotspot in South Austin

Forget John Parr and bad Rob Lowe movies. St Elmo Brewing Co is a brand new player in the ATX beer scene. Stay thirsty, my friends.


827Ray’s Brings Casual Elegance to Lake Travis Area

Food! Yummy Stuff! Goat Cheese! Check out a brand new “upscale comfortable” spot in Northwest Austin. And did I mention goat cheese? Mmmmm…


Power Up! – Texas Highways Article

My second article for Texas Highways is a story near and dear to my heart. Retro gaming! The story got nice placement in the physical magazine as well! Click the link below to give it a read!