Local Austin Film ProGamer Premieres This Week at Austin Film Festival

While I’m taking an indefinite hiatus from film reviews, I still get a chance to check out the occasional movie. This documentary about the rise of eSports and the personalities within it debuted this month at the Austin Film Fest. Read about this intriguing doc by clicking below!


20 Things I Learned During Weekend One of ACL Fest

After 3 days at , I’m still exhausted. Here’s 20 things I learned about this massive, amazing, and intimidating festival, complete  with pretty pictures. Click the pic to read all about it!


Retro Thunderdome – Battle of the NES Launch Library – THE FINALS

After many moons of shameless procrastination, my Battle of the NES Launch Library is officially in the book. Which title jumped to the top of the heap? Fine out by click below!


Your Ultimate Guide to Local Artists at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016

Next weekend, I’ll be barreling headlong into a weekend of music, sun, and maddening crowds. ACL 2016 is here, and here’s a comprehensive list of every Austin artist playing a gig. Complete with Spotify playlist! Click the pic to read up on it!



Mobley’s One Man Show Brings Energy and Power to the ATX Music Scene

On a steamy night in Austin August, Mobley took his one man show and blew the roof off of Spiderhouse Cafe. Read more by clicking below!


My Sweet Austin Bakes Tasty Treats in West Campus

Cookies for breakfast? Yes, please! Last week, I got to do a tasting of these delectable bites from a local Austin baker. Read all about it by clicking the muffin below.


Austin’s 6th Annual Quesoff Set to Celebrate All Things Queso

Queso. Just the word alone should get your taste buds tingling. This coming Saturday, 25 of Austin’s finest purveyors of melted cheese are coming together for an epic battle. Read all about it by clicking the yummy stuff below!