Short Stories

Ever since my first tale about a Nintendo based superhero in 8th grade English, I’ve been writing stories with some regularity.  As my work gets published here, there and everywhere, I’ll be updating this page with links so you can give them a read.  I’ll also be adding some “site only” pieces that are only available here (otherwise known as nobody wanted to publish it, so I’ll throw it here for free).

K A prison inmate contemplates his crimes as a mysterious force beckons him to repent.  Any further synopsis and it’ll be longer than the actual story.  NOTE: This is published in Flash Me! The Sinthology, which requires cash money to pick up.  Click here to buy a copy to give the story a read!

The Boy With the Rain Cloud Head – 24 word teeny Flash fiction written for a contest.

Ascension on 34th Street – The fates of two people, one a famous news anchor, the other an ordinary New Yorker, meet in this touching fantasy tale about transformation and honesty. – NOTE: The site this story was published has since went under. Will be re-posting this eventually.

Idol – A 140 character story of perseverance in the face of pressure and near failure.

Yes, Music is Hard – Part of the compilation Sex, Drugs and Cubicles: What I Learned From the Music Business, this essay is a true story of songwriters, delusion and the value of good, old fashioned hard work.

Chameleon – When Chameleon, a shape shifting exotic dancer, finds herself in front of a pack of abnormally evil clientele, she’s forced to show her true nature.

Best Buddies, Worst Friends – A forty-something in mourning wrestles with his abusive imaginary best friend in this uncomfortable yet gripping tale.

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