Niall Connolly – Sound

Like my review of Casey Black’s latest effort, this was also posted on iTunes.  You can buy this wonderful piece of music here.  Why?  Because you are all awesome, good-hearted people who deserve to listen to good music, that’s why.


An International Folk Hero Takes it Up a Notch…or Ten

For those in the know, Niall Connolly is literally a hero.  Almost singlehandedly resurrecting the dormant New York folk scene with Big City Folk, Niall is one of those artists you see at Café Vivaldi in the West Village and wonder why he’s not touring with Glen Hansard or Damien Rice.  With his latest record Sound, Niall proves he can not only hang with the luminaries of modern Irish folk, he can show them a thing or two in the realm of passionate song writing.

On Sound, Connolly brings it full force.  Fans of Niall knows his songs have a slight snarl but Sound is a full out lion’s roar of political punch and personal struggle.  The album is by far his most aggressive effort with barnburners like Year Of The Dragon and Brooklyn Sky bringing out a howl usually reserved for 1:00 AM sets at Rockwood Music Hall.  But there’s also balance.  Lily of the Mohawks crunches along like an approaching army while Places I Promised I Go tells the mournful story of a life spent playing small pubs and bars.  And don’t even start me on My Next Move.  William S. Boroughs would be proud of this sultry smoke filled slow burn about a dangerous drifter looking for his next score.

When the final chord is strummed on his brutal yet painfully honest Work With Pigs, one thing is certain.  Sound is by far Mr. Connolly’s most ambitious and interesting album to date.  If you’ve spend an evening or ten at New York’s Path Café, and swooned to his beautiful ballads, prepare yourself.  Niall’s latest effort is accomplished, powerful and begs for repeat listens.  Fans of quality folk rock will find a new favorite in Niall Connolly.

Score:  5/5

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