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The Top 5 Holiday TV Specials You’ve Probably Never Seen

My latest article for Pantheon Magazine is one that speaks near and dear to my heart.  Holiday TV specials!  How many of these strange classic have you seen?  Click here and find out!

The Top 5 Holiday TV Specials You’ve Probably Never Seen

My Voice on a Video!

In my capacity as Product Specialist and IT Trainer extraordinaire for POP-Market, I helped storyboard, write copy and do the voiceover for a video promoting our new iPad app.  The V/O is a little more on the professional / corporate side, but if you’ve ever wanted to hear my voice, this is your first opportunity to do so.  That and my hockey podcast.

I’m also available for used car lot commercials, corporate videos and adverts promoting hair loss prevention techniques.

POP-Market iPad App Promo Video