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Ascension on 34th Street (Short Story)

My latest short story has been published on Revolt Daily! Give the pic below a click to give it a read!

The Boy With The Rain Cloud Head (24 words)

Originally submitted for a flash fiction contest on Lit Reactor on 9/24/2013.  Prompt was purgatory, had to be under 25 words and exactly two sentences:

The Boy With the Rain Cloud Head - Cropped

Soaked to the bone on a sun shiny day, the boy apologized to God.  “Mom was a mean lady and I’m sorry for eating her.”

“K” Has Been Published!

Well, actually, it’s my first published story, but who’s counting!  The kind people at Solarcide were gracious enough to add my micro fiction story, “K”, in their latest compilation, “Flash Me! The Sinthology”.  While my piece is a paltry 250 words, there are 25 other authors in here with some dastardly tales and wicked passages.  Now available on Amazon in real life book form, click the below image to get your grubby little hands on it!

Click this creepy naked Barbie doll picture to pick up Flash Me! and read my little 250 word micro story, K.